Washington DC – Baltimore, MD – Wilmington, DE – Philadelphia, PA – New York, NY
Connecting 5 major cities and 3 airports, the Northeast Maglev would no doubt bring a major transformation to our commute, culture and lives. Just think about the opportunities it could unleash to be able to travel between these large cities in fraction of the time it takes today! What’s your Maglev story?

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Baltimore-Washington Rapid Rail and North America’s Building Trades Unions Agree to Use Skilled Labor for Future SCMAGLEV Construction

JapanGov - The Government of Japan

SCMAGLEV:The Japanese Technology That Will Revolutionize Intercity Transport

Maryland & Japan

Maryland, Japan Formalize Trade Relationship with Memorandum of Cooperation

BWRR and the Northeast Maglev

Baltimore Washington Rapid Rail and The Northeast Maglev Announce Approval of Railroad Franchise Request by the Maryland Public Service Commission


Riding the “Marvel of Transportation”: Secretary Foxx’s Successful Trip to Japan

Maryland Department of Transportation

Governor Larry Hogan Rides World’s Fastest Train in Japan

The Northeast Maglev

Ambassador Kennedy rides SCMAGLEV with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Northeast Maglev Chairman & CEO Wayne Rogers

Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet

Address by H.E. Mr. Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan, at the New York Stock Exchange

“It was an incredible experience, even more impressive than I expected.”

– Governor Larry Hogan
on riding the Japanese SCMAGLEV 

“The benefits of this project cannot be ignored, and we should look at it as a great opportunity to…bring us to the forefront of transportation in the United States. It’s a win-win-win for our businesses, our people and our economy.”

– Councilman Jack Evans

“The potential of the project is enormous. With only a 15-minute train ride standing between Baltimore and Washington DC, businesses will suddenly find themselves in much closer proximity to a broader customer base and employees will find a much wider range of job and housing options. And unlike other passenger rail systems, this SCMaglev project will require no taxpayer subsidies — a win-win for the Baltimore and the surrounding communities.”

– Keith Scott, President and CEO
Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce

“Maglev between Washington and Baltimore could mean a lot more than a fast trip. It could help save the planet.”

– Baltimore Sun Editorial Board