Transformational Speed

A high-speed train that can travel in excess of 300 miles per hour

Safe & Reliable

Advanced SCMAGLEV technology ensures safety & reliability


An environmentally friendly high-speed travel option

About TNEM

The SCMAGLEV will let you spend less time traveling and more time doing what you want and need to do. By providing an ultra-fast transportation alternative, the SCMAGLEV will also relieve highway and air congestion on our nation’s busiest transportation corridor.

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The Train

Maglev train

At speeds of up to 311 miles per hour, you’ll travel smoothly, quietly and safely from Washington, D.C. to New York City to cities in between at lightning speed.

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The Route

Northeast Corridor

D.C. to New York in an hour. That’s the future of train travel. The Northeast Maglev will bring the world’s most advanced superconducting magnetic levitation technology to the Northeast Corridor of the United States.

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Help make SCMAGLEV a reality and bring relief to the Northeast Corridor. Share the message online and stay connected as the project moves forward.

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