Intern Blog: Tomas from Loyola University Maryland

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My experience traveling by train began after I arrived in Baltimore, Maryland for my first year at Loyola University. Coming from South Carolina, a state with little to no public transportation, I quite frankly did not know Amtrak existed and I obviously had not heard of Northeast Maglev. However, when my cousin invited me to … Continued

LGBTQ+ Advocates: Pioneering Equality in Transportation

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In the vast timeline of history, certain figures stand out for their courageous advocacy and steady commitment to equality. Among them are LGBTQ+ individuals whose contributions have not only shaped social justice movements but also influenced industries across the board. While the railroad and transportation industry may not immediately come to mind in discussions of … Continued

Pride Month: Book Recommendations

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What’s one of the best things to do on public transportation? Read! As part of our Pride Month recognition, we’ve put together a list of stories that were either written by LGBTQIA authors or highlight the LGBTQIA experience. All make great additions to a summer reading list! A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams Source: … Continued

What happens to our air quality when cars come off roads?

The overwhelming majority of scientists agree that the biggest source of human-caused climate change is greenhouse gas emissions. In the U.S., the majority of these gases come from burning fossil fuels, 29% of which are from transportation. The SCMAGLEV project is expected to prevent millions of tons of these gases from entering the atmosphere. In … Continued

My Experience In Japan: Kai Toppa

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This was my third trip to Japan, not my first time. I attended some kindergarten and middle school in Tokyo and Fukuoka, but this was my first time going as an adult. I’m a senior at the University of Maryland, College Park where I major in PPE (Philosophy, Politics, and Economics) and minor in STEP … Continued

An illustration containing various sketches depicting the evolution of the anthropomorphic characters developed Otakon 2023.

Meet our Magnetic Marvels

The science behind the superconducting magnetic levitation train can seem complicated and intimidating. Thanks to Artist Tawakalitu "Tawa" Abiwa’s creativity and skill, we’re proud to introduce this wonderful family of characters – complete with their own superconducting superpowers – to help bring SCMAGLEV technology to life. Stay tuned for our next blog highlighting Tawa and … Continued

Introducing Our Summer 2023 Interns

The Northeast Maglev team is elated to welcome four interns this summer! Two of these interns will be working in our marketing department at our Baltimore headquarters, and the other two are part of a joint internship program between us and Central Japan Railway Company (JRC). Our JRC interns will have a combination of virtual … Continued

Stylized photograph of two construction workers on a large construction site, silhouetted during a sunset.

Union Spotlight: LiUNA

“Infrastructure” has been quite the buzz word since President Biden took office, and with over $220 billion announced in Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) funding, the historic investment represents massive potential across various industries. The Biden-Harris Administration has been intent on delivering an “infrastructure decade,” with major projects in the works to replace, rebuild, create, and … Continued