Photograph of the Central Japan Railway Company Superconducting Maglev vehicle dynamics simulator

Central Japan Railway Company Introduces SCMAGLEV Research Simulator

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Maglev Vehicle Dynamics Simulator Continues Advancement of SCMAGLEV Technology The SCMAGLEV is getting better every day, thanks to the continuing pursuit of excellence by Central Japan Railway Company. Central Japan Railway Company recently started operation of a “Maglev Vehicle Dynamic Simulator” at the Komaki Research and Development Center. Located outside of Nagoya, the Komaki Research … Continued
Artistic image of Black Americans influential in the railroad industry

5 Black American Rail Pioneers

5 Black American Pioneers and their contributions to the development and innovations of rail transportation Over the last three centuries, Black Americans have contributed significantly to the development and innovation of rail transportation in the United States. Often overlooked, Black Americans have labored to expand our rail system, make railroad technology safer, help trains operate more … Continued
Graphic for Northeast Maglev New Employee Announcement

Northeast Maglev adds Neb Sertsu

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Northeast Maglev is excited to welcome a new addition to our project team, Director of Project Development Neb Sertsu. Neb Sertsu will work with our partners in State and Federal agencies, establishing viable development plans to bring the Superconducting Maglev to the region. Neb has extensive experience managing large-scale, multimillion dollar capital projects. Most recently, … Continued

Graphic for Northeast Maglev New Employee Announcement

Northeast Maglev adds Ashley Mcmillian, Lindsay Pedersen

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Northeast Maglev is excited to welcome two new additions to our marketing team, Senior Communications Specialist Ashley Mcmillian and Social Media and Community Outreach Specialist Lindsay Pedersen. Ashley Mcmillian will focus on developing engagement opportunities with local leaders and community organizations as part of Northeast Maglev’s efforts to bring high-speed transportation to the region. Ashley … Continued

Photo collage of Northeast Maglev events from 2021

2021 Year in Review

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Putting 2021 in the rearview mirror Here’s to another great year! The year 2021 saw tremendous momentum towards making Maglev a reality in the region. We have reached many milestones and are honored that we had the opportunity to participate in so many community events where we were able to talk to—and learn from—community members. … Continued
A photo collage of Northeast Maglev's 2021 community outreach events

Northeast Maglev Giving Back

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Northeast Maglev Continues Giving Back in 2021 In 2021, Northeast Maglev continued our tradition of connecting with our community and giving back. August was a particularly busy month for us. We were fortunate to connect with two incredible groups to celebrate two amazing South Baltimore neighborhoods. First, we joined leaders from the R.I.C.H. Foundation in … Continued
A collage of student drawings of the superconducting maglev

Northeast Maglev and STEAM Education

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Northeast Maglev Talks about the S.T.E.A.M. Aspects of Maglev with Local Students Long term visions, like the Northeast Maglev project are not about immediate gratification. They are about bringing benefits to future generations. They are gifts left to future generations. In the case of the Northeast Maglev project, it is the gift of a next … Continued
National Crossword Puzzle Day

Northeast Maglev Celebrates National Crossword Puzzle Day

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CELEBRATING NATIONAL CROSSWORD PUZZLE DAY December 21st is National Crossword Puzzle day! We've come up with a Maglev themed Crossword Puzzle to reflect the arrival of the holiday season. You can download and print out your Maglev Holiday Crossword Puzzle below. We've also included an Answer Key so you can check your Maglev knowledge once … Continued