An illustration containing various sketches depicting the evolution of the anthropomorphic characters developed Otakon 2023.

The science behind the superconducting magnetic levitation train can seem complicated and intimidating. Thanks to Artist Tawakalitu “Tawa” Abiwa’s creativity and skill, we’re proud to introduce this wonderful family of characters – complete with their own superconducting superpowers – to help bring SCMAGLEV technology to life. Stay tuned for our next blog highlighting Tawa and giving some insight into her process!

MAGGIE (she/her)

An illustration of Maggie, an anthropomorphic character version of the Superconducting Maglev

Maggie is a magnetized marvel. She is the droid of the state-of-the-art SCMAGLEV train, blending cutting-edge technology with an endearing personality. Like her locomotive counterpart, Maggie’s metallic exterior is adorned with the SCMAGLEV’s iconic navy stripes.

Floating four inches above the ground, she can race at 311 mph, even without a guideway!

Beneath her powerful exterior, Maggie is a kind-hearted friend to all. Despite being a symbol of technological advancement, Maggie retains a genuine innocence and a childlike wonder, which endears her to those fortunate enough to meet her.

Beyond her passion for transportation and engineering technologies, Maggie possesses a range of typical interests like music and photography. In her spare time, she eagerly follows track and field news, fascinated by the physical prowess and determination of athletes. She seeks to understand the intricate connections between human physicality and the efficient operation of machines. Her dedication to understanding the mechanics of both worlds fuels her desire to bridge the gap between human and machine, constantly striving for harmony between the two.


An illustration of Meissner, an anthropomorphic character version of the Meissner effect

Meissner, a younger sibling to Maggie, also has magnificent magnetic powers. They personify the Meissner effect itself, which occurs when superconducting materials expel magnetic fields, allowing them to levitate above magnets.

Meissner’s properties make them very laid back. They love to simply chill out, and always wear their comfy hoodie, designed to resemble a magnetic field. Meissner moves around by floating, thanks to the magnetic field they generate!


An illustration of Oersted, an anthropomorphic character shaped like a horseshoe magnet.

Oersted is Maggie and Meissner’s playful companion, who also has his own magnetic powers! He is similar to a cat, but with a magnet-shaped head. Oersted represents Oersted’s Law, which states that a wire will create a magnetic field when a steady electric current runs through it. Oersted is curious about everything, and can be quite energetic – especially around Maggie. Meissner’s chill demeanor helps him calm down when it’s time to relax.

Oersted possesses all the powers and abilities associated with magnetism. He can attract or repel objects and even create magnetic fields of varying strengths.