An illustration containing various sketches depicting the evolution of the anthropomorphic characters developed Otakon 2023.

Meet our Magnetic Marvels

The science behind the superconducting magnetic levitation train can seem complicated and intimidating. Thanks to Artist Tawakalitu "Tawa" Abiwa’s creativity and skill, we’re proud to introduce this wonderful family of characters – complete with their own superconducting superpowers – to help bring SCMAGLEV technology to life. Stay tuned for our next blog highlighting Tawa and … Continued
A collage of student drawings of the superconducting maglev

Northeast Maglev and STEAM Education

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Northeast Maglev Talks about the S.T.E.A.M. Aspects of Maglev with Local Students Long term visions, like the Northeast Maglev project are not about immediate gratification. They are about bringing benefits to future generations. They are gifts left to future generations. In the case of the Northeast Maglev project, it is the gift of a next … Continued
National Crossword Puzzle Day

Northeast Maglev Celebrates National Crossword Puzzle Day

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CELEBRATING NATIONAL CROSSWORD PUZZLE DAY December 21st is National Crossword Puzzle day! We've come up with a Maglev themed Crossword Puzzle to reflect the arrival of the holiday season. You can download and print out your Maglev Holiday Crossword Puzzle below. We've also included an Answer Key so you can check your Maglev knowledge once … Continued
Black and white photograph of an old steam engine in 1902 with the words I think I can, labeled books about trains

Northeast Maglev Celebrates National Read Across America Day

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(Updated March 2, 2023 - We've updated the list with some new finds!) This month kicks off with National Read Across America Day on March 2nd!  The National Education Association (NEA) launched the Read Across America initiative in 1997 to encourage children to read more books and get kids excited about reading. The first Read … Continued
National coloring book day - photo of crayons on a table

National Coloring Book Day!

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Happy National Coloring Book Day! What better way is there to celebrate the joy of coloring than by coloring your very own SCMAGLEV train. This unique coloring book will explore the world's fastest and most efficient transportation system, the Superconducting Maglev, with over 10 illustrations - suitable for all ages. Each coloring worksheet features educational … Continued