Artistic photograph of Maryland's Bay Bridge and the word Maryland where each letter illustrates a concept associated with the state

Maryland Day 2022

Topics: Culture | History | Holiday | Northeast Maglev

Celebrating Maryland's Rich History, March 25 commemorates the formal founding of the colony of Maryland with European’s first landfall back in 1634. Maryland Day has been designated as a day to be devoted to the study of Maryland history. Since the state is home to our headquarters, we’re taking some time to celebrate some of … Continued
National Crossword Puzzle Day

Northeast Maglev Celebrates National Crossword Puzzle Day

Topics: Holiday | Kids | Northeast Maglev

CELEBRATING NATIONAL CROSSWORD PUZZLE DAY December 21st is National Crossword Puzzle day! We've come up with a Maglev themed Crossword Puzzle to reflect the arrival of the holiday season. You can download and print out your Maglev Holiday Crossword Puzzle below. We've also included an Answer Key so you can check your Maglev knowledge once … Continued
Northeast Maglev Halloween 2019

Happy Halloween from Northeast Maglev

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The team here at the Northeast Maglev is very fond of Halloween, so we spent some time putting together some Tricks and Treats for our friends. First, we made cute Trick or Treat bags and some Halloween Activity Books to share with the kids who attended the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore’s Toddler Time Halloween … Continued