Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the SCMAGLEV system and how does the SCMAGLEV compare to other high-speed ground transportation systems?

    The SCMAGLEV is the fastest ground transportation system in the world, having been certified by the Guinness Book of World Records for its speed record of 375 mph set in 2015. Unlike conventional railway systems, the SCMAGLEV accelerates and decelerates not by force generated by a mechanical motor, but through a magnetic force generated between the onboard superconducting magnets and electromagnetic coils in a guideway.

  • Is it safe to ride on the SCMAGLEV system?
  • Is the SCMAGLEV system ready for commercial application?
  • How much will a ticket cost?
  • How much will construction cost and how will it be financed?
  • How will this impact neighborhoods and the environment?
  • How does the SCMAGLEV system operate in snowy or rainy conditions?
  • How loud is the SCMAGLEV?
  • Does the SCMAGLEV system generate perceptible ground vibration?
  • Are the magnetic fields generated by the SCMAGLEV dangerous?
  • What about the land needed to build the project? How will the project affect landowners?
  • Why can’t the alignment be 100% underground?
  • What is the relationship between TNEM and Baltimore Washington Rapid Rail (BWRR)?
  • Who will operate the SCMAGLEV?

Clearing Up Misconceptions