The Northeast Maglev team is elated to welcome four interns this summer! Two of these interns will be working in our marketing department at our Baltimore headquarters, and the other two are part of a joint internship program between us and Central Japan Railway Company (JRC). Our JRC interns will have a combination of virtual and in-person study, and then will visit the JRC headquarters in Tokyo, Japan on a two-week long trip. We are eager to have these intelligent and energetic perspectives on our team, and we can’t wait to learn from them. Keep reading to learn more about these individuals and their exciting plans for the summer!

Internal Interns

Will Daly, 2023 Intern

Name: Will Daly
Position: Marketing Intern
Hometown: Ridgefield, Connecticut
School & year: Incoming senior at Loyola University Maryland
Area of study: Major in marketing; minor in Italian language studies
Looking forward to: “…developing an on-campus presence to support the SCMAGLEV, as well as being a part of a project committed to helping the community and country.”
Fun fact: “I’m a member of the Loyola rugby team!”

Zarina Kyrgyzkhan 2023 Intern

Name: Zarina Kyrgyzkhan
Position: 3D Graphic Design Intern
Hometown: Astana, Kazakhstan
School & year: Recent graduate of Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)
Area of study: Animation
Looking forward to: “…diving into 3D design, working on real-world projects, and learning from experienced professionals. Creating videos and posters to tell stories visually is something I’m eager to explore, especially in conveying Northeast Maglev’s vision. Being part of a company dedicated to transportation innovation that has a positive impact aligns perfectly with my passion. I’m thrilled to contribute and witness the transformative changes brought by SCMAGLEV technology in the Northeast Corridor.”
Fun fact: “I’ve utilized 3D printing to create various small objects for my home, such as door stoppers, miniature cactus planters, holders for utensils, and clippers for managing cables.”

JRC Interns

Kai Toppa, 2023 Intern

Name: Kai Toppa
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — “go birds!”
School & year: Incoming senior at the University of Maryland, College Park
Area of study: Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
Looking forward to: “…spreading awareness about the Bullet Train and the exciting potential it has for the East Coast. I was lucky enough to experience Japan’s metro and Shinkansen growing up and it still feels like they’re one hundred years ahead of us. The East Coast has a lot in common with Japan and a successful adoption of their transportation technology would connect and develop America in revolutionary ways.”
Fun fact: “I went to kindergarten, or yochien, in Tokyo!”

Izziy Dowd 2023 Intern

Name: Izziy Dowd
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
School & year: Incoming senior at Johns Hopkins University
Area of study: Major in anthropology, minors in classics and linguistics
Looking forward to: “…having the opportunity to learn more about the practical concerns of transit design! I’m especially looking forward to seeing how the project is shaped by the communities it seeks to connect.”
Fun fact: “I’m an avid collector of interesting sets of dice!”