Photograph of Jeff Guido of Baltimore-DC Metro Building and Construction Trades Council

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Jeff Guido of the Baltimore-DC Metro
Building and Construction Trades Council Believes that SCMAGLEV will be a Win-Win for The Northeast Corridor

Baltimore-DC Metro Building and Construction Trades Council is the Local Affiliate of North America’s Building Trades Union representing thousands of skilled professionals in the construction industry within the greater Baltimore/Washington, DC/Northern Virginia region.   

The Unions alliance of 22 construction unions across the Baltimore/Washington,  D.C. and Northern Virginia region are dedicated to providing career training, employment and opportunity to construction workers. Through local outreach to community organizations, schools, job readiness providers, and government organizations they prepare the next generation of construction workers through the use of apprenticeship readiness and make young adults and students aware of the opportunity in the construction industry.  

Jeff Guido, Maryland Director for the Baltimore-DC Metro Building and Construction Trades Council recognizes the economic opportunity that high-speed transportation will bring to the Northeast Corridor.

Seventy-five percent of this is underground. For the short duration that it becomes above-ground it is up high above there is no fear of animals crossing in front of it you know delaying traffic or interfering with people’s livelihoods or you know quality of life within their neighborhoods, and I just think it’s a win-win project.”

Guido served the construction industry for 40 years, 22 of which he has spent implementing and administering a number of large-scale Project Labor Agreements with the building trades to provide opportunities through partnerships in pre-apprenticeship and jointly-managed apprenticeship programs throughout the greater Baltimore/Washington, DC/Northern Virginia region while providing value to the industry and strengthening the communities in which we live and work.

In 2017, the building trades unions signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Baltimore-Washington Rapid Rail to utilize and develop skilled labor for future SCMAGLEV construction.

This exciting partnership showcases a longstanding commitment to providing economic opportunity to Baltimore and the Northeast Corridor. We look forward to utilizing the skilled labor NABTU provides, once construction on the SCMAGLEV project begins in the years ahead. Together, we will enhance the nation’s transportation system and create jobs throughout the Baltimore region and beyond” – BWRR Vice Chairman Jeff Hirschberg

Northeast Maglev is proud to have the support of the Baltimore-DC Metro Building and Construction Trades Council and are looking forward to working with their leaders to provide employment to thousands of construction workers.

Now more than ever, Northeast Maglev believes that by working together we can do big things for our community. We are looking forward to continuing to partner with community and business groups throughout the region! Keep track of what we’re up to by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.