Photograph of Brent Howard, President and CEO of Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce

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President and CEO of the Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce, Brent Howard, Believes SCMAGLEV is the Infrastructure Project Maryland Needs to Spur Economic Activity throughout the Region

Northeast Maglev is thrilled to have the support of the Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce, President and CEO, Brent Howard for the development of the SCMAGLEV project. 

With the Northeast Corridor being one of the nation’s most dense and economically productive areas, Howard believes that SCMAGLEV will be a “game-changer” for the region. A 15-minute trip connecting Baltimore to Washington, D.C. will provide small and large businesses the opportunity to “connect to markets they never believed they could reach.”

“Baltimore-Washington Rapid Rail’s project is an exciting opportunity for our region to be home to the fastest and safest train the world,” Howard states, and will “encourage economic development in Baltimore County both directly and indirectly.”

As President and CEO, Howard believes that SCMAGLEV will bring a “big impact on our business” and is looking forward to working with the Northeast Maglev team to ensure that  SCMAGLEV brings a windfall of economic growth for business and families in the area. 

The Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce

The Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce has been serving the Baltimore community since 1966. Its mission is to promote, grow and sustain diverse and healthy business communities within the Baltimore region by providing small and large organizations with the tools needed to be successful.

Howard joined the Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce in January of 2017 as Director of Membership and was later elected as President and CEO in June of 2018. In his role, Howard has continued to promote and enhance the growth of more than 475 member businesses and companies across the county. 

Aside from the Chamber, Howard also serves as President of the Small Business Resource Center, where he provides professionals with the tools needed to establish and grow their business in Baltimore County. He also serves as a staff liaison for the Ambassadors, Business Owners Round table and Leads Groups.

Howard is a proud graduate of Morgan State University and the University of Baltimore where he studied political science and digital history.

Now more than ever, Northeast Maglev believes that by working together we can do big things for our community. We are looking forward to continuing to partner with community and business groups throughout the region! Keep track of what we’re up to by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.