Photograph of Northeast Maglev CEO, Wayne Rogers speaking at a press conference announcing project support in Baltimore

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Baltimore Leaders Join Support to Bring High-Speed Rail to Northeast Corridor

We held a press a conference today where ardent community support was expressed for the high-speed rail project. Participating with Northeast Maglev was the Greater Baltimore Chapter of the National Action Network, the Greater Baltimore Black Chamber of Commerce, the Ministers Conference Empowerment Center CDC, and the Baltimore-DC Metro Building and Construction Trades Council. 

The SCMAGLEV Project is estimated to create 74,000 job years related to construction efforts in Maryland, increase regional mobility while reducing air emissions due to decreased vehicle miles traveled, and disperse billions in employee earnings. A Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Plan will ensure the project meets goals for communities of color, women, MBEs and WBEs.

The developer’s commitment to using union labor on this project will help ensure local residents benefit from this massive undertaking. Our current and new members are ready to bring the fastest train in the world to the Northeast Corridor – and the good wages and benefits attached to these jobs will empower our members and their families for years to come.”

– Jermaine Jones, Baltimore Director of the Baltimore-DC Metro Building Trades Council

Anticipated growth to GDP includes $22.5 billion nationwide from construction and $594 million annually after opening.

This project stands to jumpstart economic growth and expand the middle class in this region. We cannot overstate the importance of expanding access for Black and brown residents and business owners to participate in this multi¬≠billion-dollar project. As a state-of-the-art infrastructure investment, the SCMAGLEV train will elevate Baltimore to a level on par with other major global metro hubs. Our organization believes that Baltimore needs the Maglev, the sooner the better.”

– Larry Young, Chairman of the Greater Baltimore Chapter of the National Action Network

Baltimore-area leadership has publicly expressed their support for the project. SCMAGLEV will expand Baltimore’s footprint throughout the Northeast Corridor as the project progresses into Philadelphia, New York, and the surrounding region. The SCMAGLEV Project also stands to place Baltimore at the technological forefront within the global high-speed rail industry.

The effects of the pandemic are apparent in our congregations. We support projects like the SCMAGLEV that will bring stable, well-paying jobs and a brighter future for communities of color.”

– Rev. Dr. John Lunn, President Emeritus of the Ministers Conference of Baltimore and Vicinity

Recent polling from Lake Research Partners, a leading national public opinion research firm, revealed commanding levels of support for the construction and operation of a high-speed maglev train system between Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD with a stop at BWI Airport.

We knew that we would need widespread public support -especially in local communities within the region – to bring a project of this scale to fruition. That said, recent polling demonstrated that 72% of Baltimore residents are in favor of the SCMAGLEV Project and only 13% are in opposition – more than a 5 to 1 margin – ¬≠irrespective of party lines. Furthermore, more than two-thirds of Prince George’s and Anne Arundel County voters support the project. It’s clear that people are realizing the great benefits this project will bring.”

– Wayne Rogers, Chairman and CEO of Northeast Maglev

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