New survey shows overwhelming support for maglev in Maryland

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Large Majority support maglev project in Baltimore

Recent polling from Lake Research Partners, a leading national public opinion research firm, showed that the Northeast Maglev Project has the support of more than two-thirds of Prince George’s (68%) and Anne Arundel County (69%) voters.

Lake Research Partners was commissioned to design and administer a survey on behalf of Northeast Maglev. The survey was conducted using professional interviewers, conducted via telephone (cells and landlines). The survey reflects a sample of 600 likely 2022 General Election voters in Baltimore City, including oversamples totaling 100 interviews in each of Councilmanic Districts 10 and 11. The survey was conducted  June 5-9, 2021.

Baltimore City

Infographic showing 72% support for Northeast Maglev project in Baltimore City

More than 7-in-10 Baltimore City voters—72%—support the construction and operation of the Maglev, compared to just 13% who oppose it, a margin of support of more than 5-to-1. Just 14% of voters are undecided. Support for the construction and operation of the Maglev runs even stronger in the two oversampled City Council districts, including 78% support among voters in District 10 (9% oppose, 14% undecided) and 80% support among voters in District 11 (10% oppose, 10% undecided).

The survey also finds commanding levels of support across demographic subgroups of voters in the county, including African American voters (73% support, 12% oppose, 15% undecided) and whites (78% support, 13% oppose, 10% undecided); women (76% support, 13% oppose, 10% undecided) and men (69% support, 13% oppose, 17% undecided).

Support for the Maglev’s construction and operation also crosses partisan lines, with 75% of Democrats supportive (10% oppose, 15% undecided), along with 68% of independents (20% oppose, 12% undecided) and 72% of Republicans (10% oppose, 17% undecided).

The top reasons voters give for supporting the Northeast Maglev are that it will that it will result in shorter commutes and save time (28%); provide desirable employment opportunities (21%); create better infrastructure (21%); offer people more transportation options (18%); make travel easier and more convenient (17%); and help reduce traffic (16%).

In sum, this survey of likely voters in Baltimore further highlights the robust levels of public support here and in other key areas of Maryland for construction and operation of the Northeast Maglev.

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