Graphic for Northeast Maglev New Employee Announcement

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Northeast Maglev is excited to welcome a new addition to our marketing team, Marketing and Communications Specialist, Mary Ellen Tokar.

Photograph of Mary Ellen Tokar
Mary Ellen Tokar, Marketing and Communications Specialist

Mary Ellen Tokar, or Melon, is an enthusiastic Baltimore resident ready to help bring the Northeast Maglev to life. She was drawn to the project by not only the innovative transportation technology, but also the opportunities it offers the city.

Melon has dedicated her career to improving the lived experiences of Baltimoreans; she was most recently part of the Baltimore Museum of Art’s event team.

Melon graduated from the University of Maryland with a BA in communication and a double minor in Spanish and sustainability. She holds a myriad of interests that branch into many pockets of both her professional and personal life; she is a certified yoga teacher, an ardent poet with a history of creative writing instruction, and a seasoned public speaker.

As a military kid and an enthusiastic adventurer, she has lived in many different places throughout the U.S. and internationally, including Kansas, South Korea and New Zealand. Baltimore, where she currently resides, is without a doubt her favorite “station” by far, and she can’t wait to contribute to a project that stands to transform regional transportation.

Please join us in welcoming Melon to our team!