Northeast Maglev Welcomes 2020 Summer Interns

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Northeast Maglev is thrilled to be announcing our second go-around of summer internships! 

Last year, we welcomed interns from the University of Maryland Baltimore County, Anne Arundel Community College and The University of Maryland College Park. Throughout the summer they developed social media marketing strategies, coordinated outreach events with local community groups and enhanced our digital presence by diversifying our website. 

This year we are excited to bring on 3 new interns from the University of Maryland College Park and The George Washington University. We are looking forward to the contributions that they will bring to Northeast Maglev and plan to highlight each of them individually – so stay tuned! 

In the meantime, we are excited to give you a quick introduction to our newest summer team members.

Get to know them below!

MeiJade Hsu

Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
School: University of Maryland, College Park
Year: Junior
Major: B.S. Finance, Computer Science

What are you most looking forward to interning at Northeast Maglev?
On a social level, I’m excited to revolutionize transportation by helping to accelerate the campaign to bring the bullet train to the United States. On a personal and professional level, I’m looking forward to deepening my understanding of the sources of financial capital, expanding my capabilities in economic research, and gaining real-world experience in financial planning and analysis (FP&A).

What do you want to do in the Finance Industry?
I aim to harness the power of data to discover overlooked, great-value investment opportunities. I want to create new innovations at the intersection of finance and technology. I hope to democratize access to the financial markets.

What is your dream job?
My dream job is to be a leader and innovator using technology to identify new opportunities for investment in the financial markets, allocate capital to the opportunities with the most potential for disruption, and increase access and understanding of the financial markets within the general public. I can’t say I have a definite role in mind because it may not even exist yet.

Dylan O’Connell

Hometown: Baltimore County
School: The George Washington University
Year: Sophomore
Major: Political Science

What are you most looking forward to interning at Northeast Maglev?
Aside from learning more about marketing and the organization, I am looking forward to understanding how the project will make life easier and open up new possibilities for everyone in the DC-Maryland region.  Having spent time commuting from north of Baltimore to DC via the MARC train last year, the current methods for this commute are not friendly to one’s time.  Waking up at 5:45 a.m. to be at my 9 a.m. job was not ideal and innovative ways to dramatically cut down on wasted time are more than welcome.  Additionally, the opportunities a rapid commute offers to those looking to work outside their current metro area are vast and can completely change mindsets about one’s future plans.

What do you want to do in the Marketing Industry?
I want to learn more about how to best target a message and determine what information people are receptive to.  Doing research on pressing topics and identifying aspects of the Maglev project to promote will provide me with many useful skills.

What is your dream job?
Working in the federal government has interested me for years and I believe that finding and pushing for solutions to problems is something I would like to do.  While I do not know what specific job is best for me yet, helping craft legislation that would solve Americans’ problems – or just make their life easier – would be very rewarding.

Anna Sfakiyanudis 

Hometown: Anne Arundel County
School: University of Maryland College Park
Year: Junior
Major: Graphic Design, Business Minor

What are you most looking forward to interning at Northeast Maglev?
What I am most looking forward to at Northeast Maglev is being able to learn.  Even before I got the internship position, I was so excited to learn through my interview more about what Northeast Maglev does and how it does goes about Marketing itself and I am excited to learn more about that so I can apply those skills that they have taught me to the project.

What do you want to do in the Marketing Industry?
In the Marketing industry, I would absolutely love to utilize my skills to do more visual-based work such as graphic design to help companies to promote themselves. I also really love the research part of the Marketing industry and learning more about the company I am working for and the audience that I would be presenting my designs to, as even in the visual part of Marketing there is a lot of research and trial and error that goes into everything that gets made

What is your dream job?
I love working anywhere I can as my dream is simply to be able to design, but at some point in my life I would absolutely love to do design work and illustrations for a publishing company.  I love to read as much as I can and one thing I have learned to appreciate as I have gotten older is how gorgeous some book covers can be. Similarly to the process of doing research for advertisements, book covers have to tell an audience as much as it can about the story without giving too much away.

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